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Who I am??????
Author: hassaaan123
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on: August 10, 2017, 07:45:19 PM
Last Online: October 23, 2019, 05:36:45 PM
HI guys
Today I am going to tell u about me Most of u guys don't know me
Guys My name is Hassaan Ahmad and I am 18 Years old  :doctor: :doctor:
I live In Pakistan and I am a Student Of Pre Medical And my main Aim of Life is to Join Pakistani Army As a Doctor
I love Music especially Pakistani And English But love English Movies My Native Language is Urdu  Our National Language
My hobby is Singing And I love to do research on everything now I am doing some research on Free Mason
So, guys, i started Playing this Game almost 3 years ago I saw an advertisement on Facebook I saw Pakistan was Occupied by Iran I was amazed to see that but In Real Iran is our friend So I joined Pakistan Secura and 3rd day I left that game
Then I thought that I might play that game so I joined again and till then I have been playing this game now I am Addict to it
  But I love that game too I worked hard and Now I am the Forum Moderator I wanted to join Game staff but I got Chance For the first time in Forum
Now I want to tell u guys something about my country Pakistan Most of ppl think that Its a terrorist country
So I wanna tell them all that Pakistan is not a Terrorist Country some powers trying to Destroy Pakistan bcoz we r 7th Nuclear power with one of the strong army's of the world so they want to destroy this country But Now our Army is successful in eliminating almost all terrorist and they are 93% successful We fought war Against terrorist named "ZARB-E-AZAB" I want to tell everyone now that now Pakistan is a peaceful country That's All guys
Guys if u have any query so feel free to ask Pm me Or reply here is this post I will reply u everything
Hope u enjoy my introduction

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