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Suna / You are temporarily banned Reason: Gold Trading
« Last post by helen on July 20, 2020, 10:02:51 PM »
Nike name   heleen
i was banned in suna
i am inactive about 4 or 5 month
i am 2 click and just some times i  hit in events
i help to all players new player or old player
i give to them loan eq or supp and get in several month later (without profit)
i and some old player help to new player for get good set
i dont use from gold and some thing becuse i dont need
i am very old player i was very active one year ago and before that
i dont need to gold from about 2 or 3 year ago until now
please recheck my account  :smiley_please2:
i did not illegal work
i did not go wrong way
i play with trust and true
railman know me from erepulik game we were play together
please help to me and unbanned me
Suna: Gameplay / THIS IS A BUG ??
« Last post by mohammad_javad on June 24, 2020, 03:15:09 AM »

« Last post by Tzanika on June 03, 2020, 12:45:05 AM »
gl bro u dont have chance :D
« Last post by Gonza.Ongania on May 31, 2020, 10:50:15 PM »
All that I will tell is from deriva sv. AKA Varofakis tell me that is correct to put on this server.


At the 3rd deriva's day I had get up banned. So rare, I haven't make some illegal, so I first tell this to my MU, and them tell me that a lot people of my MU had been banned by the GO Jack Rafflesia, and Lomito had been multed for 361.6g. In this day we had go to discord and report all. The SGO Doppelganger has solve all. But we now want an explication for what Jack Rafflesia can ban to lot players from my MU without proofs, why all my MU need to lost one hour of his time for one GO that make wrong his work? He don't make one error, he make a lot of errors in the same time. So with my MU we have looking this GO, and sorpressive! He is friend of us enemy. just one piece of information.

I had made one art. on deriva explain best the situation, u can see them here:

What I'm asking? I want an investigation to this GO and one apoligize from he, I think that he are corrupt, but I haven't more proofs that the event of the 3rd day.

How my english isn't so good, and varofakis can speak spanish, I will write the same report but in spanish, espero no sea una molestia.


Al tercer día de juego del servidor Deriva, amanecí baneado, muy raro ya que no hice ninguna actividad ilegal, y hablando con las personas de mi MU me dijeron que ellos también estaban baneados, así que todos tuvimos que perder nuestro tiempo apelando en el canal de discord. Nos desbanearon casi instantáneamente, pero lo que queremos es una explicación de por qué este GO nos baneó sin ninguna prueba, sin nada, tuvimos que perder nuestro tiempo en hacer que nos desbaneen, arruina nuestra experiencia de juego, y ni siquiera fue él quien nos desbaneó, en el artículo se ve también que su compañero de unidad militar, thefonsix nos cargó por el trabajo de su amigo, y recibí rumores de que de hecho fue él quien le pidió que nos banee y que siempre nos dé una revisada, les quiero decir algo, en nuestra MU no tenemos ningún problema en que nos revisen, pero que nos empiecen a banear en cantidad sin motivo y que el amigo del GO que nos baneó se burle de nosotros, y que además el mismo GO que nos baneó no nos dé una mínima explicación o una disculpa me parece muy incorrecto, si usted ve el artículo, en los comentarios la mitad de las personas dice que Fonsi hace actividades ilegales siempre, y que tiene amigos GO, y la otra mitad nos carga y nos dice multeros debido a lo que este GO, erróneamente, hizo.

¿Qué estoy pidiendo? Una investigación para este GO, yo pienso que es corrupto, debido a  que es mucha casualidad que estemos todos baneados, sin razón, una deuda impagable para un amigo mío, y que además este GO esté en la misma unidad militar que TheFonsix, quien es un enemigo conocido nuestro, mucha gente que juega suna o alpha lo sabe. Considero que mínimamente este GO merece una seria investigación y debería darnos públicamente una explicación de por qué nos baneó y multó.

Dejo devuelta el link del artículo:

Thanks you for read!! Have a nice day.
Welcome new citizens. Introduce yourself! / Re: Hello
« Last post by Tzanika on May 24, 2020, 07:33:44 PM »
Hi Filip we are happy to know you :D
Welcome new citizens. Introduce yourself! / Hello
« Last post by V1CKED on May 23, 2020, 08:36:52 PM »
Hello, i want to introduce myself in this community.
 My name is Filip, more known in games as "V1CKED"
I'll be 18 years old this year, I'm playing on two servers now
So hello everyone, nice to meet you guys, hope we'll meet in game on allied side ;p
Pandemia / Re: i ban
« Last post by Tzanika on May 17, 2020, 09:03:13 AM »
e-Sim Support Center >Ban Appeals>Pandemia  u should write again  :/
Suna / Re: _Albatros_ muted
« Last post by Tzanika on May 17, 2020, 09:01:01 AM »
wrong category :/ u can write again  "Fine Appeals"
Welcome new citizens. Introduce yourself! / Re: Hello!!!!
« Last post by Tzanika on May 17, 2020, 08:54:09 AM »
hi nice to meet u   :laugh:
Welcome new citizens. Introduce yourself! / Hello!!!!
« Last post by Anthony Stark on May 07, 2020, 01:32:40 PM »
Hello guys!

I'm RE-Introducing Myself :o

My name is Bruno, i'm  25 years old and i live in Portugal, i love to play games, watch movies and series, go out with my friends and have a good talk  :actup:

I've been playing e-sim for the last 8 years, did some breaks here and then due to lack of time BUT i'm always comming back :D

Now.... Tell me who are you?!   :rotfl:
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